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Inclement Weather Policy
Rain: All training sessions are on when it rains unless the fields are deemed unplayable and closed.
Thunder/Lightning:  In the case of thunder, we will have to postpone classes, or change to an indoors location (if possible), to be safe. Remember that Houston is very large and while the may be thunder near your house, that is not necessarily the case in the area where the fields are - For reference, when we check the weather, we look at the 'Cinco Ranch, TX' area for Mason field practices, and we look at the 'Richmond, TX' area for Harlem Road Park practice.

Hazardous Road Conditions: If there is a possibility of ice or flooding on the roads throughout Houston, we will postpone practice.
Alerts for training: We will send alerts about any changes through the Spaces by Wix app by 4:00PM the day of practice. You should receive a notification on your phone, as well as an e-mail, if you followed the steps to set up the notifications correctly. If you are ever in doubt, look at the 'Announcements' in the app - there, we will post about any changes. If you see no updates, that means practice is on!

Hot Weather Policy
The risk of heat-related illness from vigorous sports activity increases with the temperature. The body generates heat which cannot be dissipated readily when the ambient temperature exceeds 85 degrees F, depending upon the humidity. Hot weather is considered at any point where the Heat Index reaches or exceeds 90. In this case, coaches will be mindful to make sure all players are staying hydrated.

Cold Weather Policy
Players are more susceptible to injuries during cold weather, particularly from pulled or torn muscles. Players are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to aid body heat retention yet afford adequate movement without creating a safety hazard. As a general rule, training programs will be canceled if the projected temperature (including wind chill) at the start of training is projected to be below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.


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