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Juventus Academy Houston fees are non-refundable, subject to the following:


Injuries: Players who incur a season-ending injury while playing for JAH are eligible for a refund of a portion of his or her fees which cover the remainder of the applicable year if whole year paid in advanced, otherwise, upcoming payments will be cancelled dating from the time the player's parent notifies JAH that the player is unable to participate further in the year due to the injury. 


In the case of player who paid whole year in advance, incurring such an injury, the prorated refund applies only to the portion of the Fees applicable to the rest of the year.

Players participating non JAH activities which could contribute to overuse injuries during JAH activities may not be eligible for refunds unless such players fully informed their Coach regarding all non-JAH activities. 

If, at any point after accepting an invitation to join JAH, a player voluntarily withdraws he/she shall not be entitled to a refund or waiver of any fees paid and shall remain obligated to pay the penalty fee for the current seasonal year.

Training time or game time conflicts are not grounds for refunds. 


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